NAKKNA @ Mercedes Benz Stockholm Fashion Week

A surprisingly international crowd of fashionistas graced the front row
including Sussie ‘ Style Bubble’, Bryanboy,, American Vogue of
the opening of Mercedes Benz Stockholm Fashion Week.
Once the ribbon was ceremoniously cut we were taken to a fabulous ‘Cloud’
by NAKKNA, as they presented their S/S 11 Show, aptly titled ‘The Cloud’.
Asymmetrical was the word du jour, in a not surprisingly minimalistic and
subtly avant garde approach to spring, as we have come to expect from the
Swedish super brands such as ACNE, Filippa K and Cheap Monday.
Yet there there was somehow a unique fluidity and consistency in the
brands 15th collection that felt refreshing and attractive.
The design trio’s experience and confidence in their designs aesthetics
clearly communicated the ethos of a young brand with a sharp and cohesive
The design trio Consisting of ex Beckman’s School of Design students
Camilla Sundin, Claes Berkes and Ella Soccorsi (the Central Saint Martins
of Scandinavia) have started to make waves in the industry as part of
Topshop’s EDIT selection.

The intricate and complexed construction was the basis of the collection.
Key pieces including asymmetrical jersey jackets, and beated tailored
pieces that looked fragile and utterly personal. The were also soft pieces
with maxi printed kaftan on silk jersey in various shapes.
Trousers were wide and came in desert camel tones whilst the male shape
stayed dark and on the ‘skinny’ .
An impressive start to a hopefully lovely week indeed.
Fernando Torres

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