Get perfect skin with Givenchy

It’s an often asked beauty question: what to apply make up with, brushes or fingers?
Ultimately it’s a personal choice and while fingers can be great for applying your favourite rouge lipstick for a bloodstained pout, brushes will most likely always have the upper hand.
Make up artist Fiona Stiles once told Teen Vogue that she champions the usage of make up brushes because they allow you to be more accurate with make up application. I’m with her on that one.
Make up brushes can conceal and highlight anything with expert precision, from blemishes to the perfectly flushed cheek. Plus if you use your fingers, there’s a chance you will end up wasting excess product which of course nobody wants.
Givenchy clearly agrees. Their new make up brushes not only look sexy, they are sexy.
Designed by Nicolas Degennes, Artistic Director of Givenchy Make up, the collection boasts a foundation brush, blush brush, powder brush and kabuki brush. Each handmade, the brushes provide a natural finish. Perfect for this season’s natural make up trend.
Prices from £25.50 at Harrods and House of Fraser.

Michelle Winter

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