“No sleep in Tokyo” is the fashion film of GUNTHER‘s Fall-Winter 2021 collection, directed by Anthelme Dubois, on an original music by NEUF Artist Lab

For one night in Tokyo, a young man who struggles to find sleep switches to an alternative reality. During his journey in a chimerical Tokyo, he meets various characters who take him on an extraordinary adventure.  With psychedelic projections, a night ride in a Takushi, and the appearance of giants in the Kaiju style, the film includes a series of playlets that refer to ancient and modern Tokyo culture. 

Coming back to reality or staying in this parallel universe? The nighthawk will have to make a choice.

Night falls in the land of the Rising Sun. Order and calm are about to give way to decadence and extravagance. Light has faded into darkness and sizzling neon lights are now flooding a fluorescent Tokyo. While sobriety plunges into euphoria, reality takes on the appearance of pixels and the city tips over into another dimension.

The GUNTHER Autumn-Winter 2021 collection “No sleep in Tokyo” draws its inspiration from the day/night contrast of the Japanese capital. It is as much an ode to the minimalism of the city of Tokyo as to its nocturnal frenzy. It suggests the order and calm of its streets during the day, their animation and their noisy atmosphere at night. The discipline of the pedestrians who stroll through its crosswalks in the morning, the madness of the night owls who populate its arcade or karaoke halls in the evening.

It was during a trip to Japan that Naomi Gunther became fascinated by the colors, sounds and electric atmosphere of the Japanese city. The silhouettes in the collection embody both a traditional daytime and a retro-futuristic night-time in Tokyo. They evoke structure, elegance and sobriety through cold colors and straight cuts, and audacity, originality and vivacity by incorporating fluorescent velcro strips, silver GUNTHER patches and siliconized neon strips into the designs. Modern and graphic, this collection surfs on the 80’s wave of cyberpunk and retrowave and enriches the image of a non-standard city.

Once again, the attention paid to textures and materials is important for the brand which is Made in Paris: recycled cashmere and wool, organic cottons, vegetable ivory buttons are among the fabrics and supplies honored this season.

For this collection, GUNTHER is also collaborating with Japanese artist Yoshinori Tanaka – EXCALIBUR- (represented by the gallery Paris Tokyo) on two exclusive illustrations used as patterns and linings. Drawings of an animated, modern and pixelated Tokyo.

Creative Direction : Naomi Gunther & Gabin Ducourant
Mateo Kitahara
Eric Jamain
Eden Ducourant
Léo Gardy
Ludovic Nevyl
Charlène Metz
Tsuvasa Saïkusa
Director : Anthelme Dubois
1st Assistant Director : Quentin Berre
2nd Assistant Director : Jasmin Nahar
Line producer : Joseph Ragons
Location Manager : Enzo Bendiziol
Cinematographer : Louis Evennou
1st Assistant Camera : Carmen Bamba
2nd Assistant Camera : Juliette Perpina
Gaffers : Paul Cloux & Tom Haffner
Set Designer : Lucie Morey
Assistant Set Designer : Hélène Gigandet
Original Music & Sound Design : NEUF Artist Lab
Make up artists : Christine Frame & Sarah Courroy
Jewelry : ENKAOUA
Stills photographer : Caroline Levy-Bencheton & Pierre Pontoizeau

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