DOLCE&GABBANA BEAUTY: The One Luminous Night

Dolce&Gabbana Beauty introduces: *The One Luminous Night – Exclusive Edition for Men*

Dolce&Gabbana Beauty presents an olfactory journey to the Middle East with a new exclusive edition, The One Luminous Night.
Following The One Royal Night and The One Mysterious Night, The One Luminous Night is the third exclusive edition for men to fuse the richness of Italian tradition with the aromatic treasures of the Arabian world.
Inspired by the captivating contrast between the deep blue night sky
and the blazing gold stars set within it, this intensely evocative fragrance conjures the magic and splendour of a star-studded Arabian night.

The One Luminous Night is a sophisticated oriental spicy scent that explores the contrast between the chill of the cool night sky and the warmth of the golden stars.
Renowned perfumer Jean Christophe Herault captures this contrast in olfactory form, setting smoky incense against sweet dates – iconic ingredients that pay homage to the richness of the Middle East.
This blend of hot and cold creates an enigmatic scent, reminiscent of a desert breeze beneath the celestial vault.

The One Luminous Night opens with quintessentially Italian notes of basil and zesty bergamot, enlivened by spicy black pepper. At the heart, the delicate sweetness of dates, a classic Middle Eastern delicacy, is skillfully blended with aromatic sage and crisp geranium. The warm aspect of the dates is echoed by the creaminess of sandalwood in the base of the fragrance, meeting smoky accents of incense and a lingering

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