Givenchy Ressource: Hydration By Nature

Chronic stress has become one of the world’s number one health concerns and presents a new challenge for skincare. Products are now expected to provide a scientific solution to the negative effects of stress.
The level of hydration the skin needs to look young and beautiful is the first to be impacted by psychological fatigue, both on the skin surface, where stress alters the barrier function’s permeability, and inside the cells, where stress has a major impact on the skin’s moisture level.


Resource is the first moisturising anti-stress treatment which, in addition to correcting the harmful effects of psychological fatigue on the skin, rebalances its moisture content to provide a complete action and absolute comfort.
Because stressed skin can also mean sensitive skin, the formulas in *RESSOURCE *have been pared down to only what is essential. They are rich in natural ingredients and created to work with the skin and to minimise any additional reactions.



Containing at least 96% natural ingredients, the formulas in the *RESSOURCE *line are designed to be compatible with all skin types, even the most sensitive.
Because the skin’s hydration level and balance are directly affected by stress, Givenchy Laboratories have created the BEAUTY MOSS COMPLEX®, an antidote against damage to the skin caused by environmental and emotional stress. This complex is made from 100% natural ingredients such as moss and everlasting flower; it uses a sustainable approach and helps rebalance the moisture inside the epidermis, protecting the skin against the negative effects of stress.


Moss reactivates the flow of water through the skin to keep the cells perfectly hydrated.


Known for its fortifying properties, it helps to retain the water found naturally in the skin and strengthens its barrier to stop moisture from evaporating. By soothing and comforting the skin, the everlasting flower extract also helps reduce the visible signs of stress (redness, tightness).


The jars and bottles used for the RESSOURCE line are made of recyclable glass or plastic, and the two materials can be separated when the product has been used, so recycling them is easier.
In addition to these eco-designed packagings, the boxes are made using sustainably managed forests and with biosourced inks. They do not any contain any unnecessary cardboard inserts.

A THREE-STEP MOISTURISING ANTI-STRESS ROUTINE Balanced, soothed and perfectly hydrated, the skin appears stress-free and glows with natural radiance.

The first essential step in the skincare ritual, this lotion is enriched with soothing and calming liquorice extract, which complements the benefits provided by the BEAUTY MOSS COMPLEX®.
Apply using the palms of your hands or a cotton pad to soothe the skin and refine its texture, leaving it visibly more supple and luminous, ready to take full advantage of the benefits provided by the products to follow.
Additional benefit: its refreshing, ultra-light and transparent texture instantly revives the skin.

The second key step in the moisturising routine, this concentrated serum is enriched with an extract of passion fruit oil that has been selected for its essential fatty acids, omega-6, omega-9 and vitamin E to keep the skin nourished, strengthened and better protected.
The skin is left stronger and perfectly moisturised, better equipped to fight the effects of daily stress. Luminous and plump, it glows with new radiance and regains its original softness.
Additional benefit: ultra-light and with a delicate milky texture, the Fortifying Moisturising Concentrate melts onto the skin. Right from the first time it is applied, the skin becomes soft, velvety and plump.



This is the final step in the daily moisturising routine. Light and fresh, the Velvet Moisturising Cream is designed for normal to combination skin.
From the first application, the skin is soothed, plump and equipped with long-term protection against daily aggression. Day after day, the complexion regains the beautiful, natural radiance of healthy and well-hydrated skin.
Additional benefit: its unique gel-cream formula, which glides onto the skin surface and instantly melts.


For the final step in the ritual for dry skin, the rich version of the cream provides extra nutrition. Bathed in just the right level of hydration and perfectly nourished, the skin is once again soft and soothed. It is fortified and ready to deal with aggression, while radiating a beautiful natural glow. Additional benefit: its rich and melting cream-balm texture glides over the skin surface and envelops it in softness. A real source of comfort for dry and dehydrated skin.

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Tired, dull skin? Give it a boost with Korean skincare brand Su:m37’s new fermented products 

Of the many promises skincare products spill — combat dryness, banish fine lines, even out complexion, smoothen skin texture, tackle acne, fade spots and so on — we’re most taken by those that might make us look like we’ve swallowed a lightbulb.
Glowing skin is a sign of health, vitality, youthfulness and contentment. While there’s an endless array of illuminating, light-reflecting makeup to get your glow on, the best kind of radiance comes from inside out.
Su:m37’s latest releases aim to do the latter. Its Time Energy line, which targets dullness and dryness, has been given an upgrade with a milder formula and an all-new eye cream to complete the regimen. Hypoallergenic and free of nasties such as parabens and synthetic fragrances, the products contain a new core blend of eight organic ingredients — grape, pumpkin, pear, lavender, sage, rosemary, thyme and rosehip — which are carefully extracted using the brand’s Active Enzyme Fermentation method to maximise their antioxidant, hydrating, brightening and firming properties. The new range also boasts Su:m37’s own hyaluronic acid that has five times more moisture-retaining power than regular ones.
Time Energy line
If all that blue light, facial covering, stress and anxiety has heightened your skin sensitivity, this skincare line is a balm and booster. Prep skin with Time Energy Resetting Toner that smooths and evens out skin texture. Then, apply the light and milky Time Energy Resetting Emulsion for hydration and balance. The Time Energy Moist Firming Serum delivers the nutrients of the new formula into the skin, keeping it well-moisturised for up to 24 hours while reinforcing the skin’s natural barriers. Soft and non-sticky, the best-selling Time Energy Moist Firming Cream provides additional protection and encourages skin regeneration. Finish the ritual with the silky Time Energy Moist Firming Eye Cream for brighter, more youthful-looking eyes.
Losec Summa Artisan Edition
To celebrate the second anniversary of its premium anti-aging Losec Summa line, Su:m37 has also launched the Losec Summa Royal Artisan Edition special set consisting of two full-size, two deluxe-size and five trial-size products. The box includes: Losec Summa Elixir Skin Softener, Emulsion, Cream, Eye Cream, Lumière Ampoule, Night Ampoule and Foam Cleanser. Having tried the brand’s luxurious Summa Elixir 8-Miracle Power Essence to glowing results, it’s hard not to get behind this release, which helps turn a tired, lacklustre complexion around by purifying skin as well as restoring dermal density, firmness and balance for radiant, healthy glow. Dullness? Don’t know her.
(All images: Su:m37)
Sum:37 is available in-stores and online at Lazada, Shopee and Zalora.
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These are the most expensive beauty products in the world

From haute couture nail polishes to five-star formulas resulting in skin-care miracles, expensive is an understatement for some of these luxury products. However, the cost of a cosmetic product or lavish treatment can often indicate quality. After all, who doesn’t want perfect skin or discover the never-ending fountain of youth.
Here’s a list of some of the most expensive beauty products that promise good results.
Hero and featured image courtesy of John Tekeridis via Pexels
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Beauty test drive: Noesa Anti Aging Concentrate and Anti Wrinkle Repair Mask

We put Noesa’s Anti Aging Concentrate and Anti Wrinkle Repair Mask to the test to find out if its light-powered formulas can regenerate skin from within.
As beauty editors, years of weeding through skincare folklore means we’ve seen it all – and there’s no sector more saturated than anti-ageing.
Yet cellular therapy offers new waters to tread. For luxury German beauty brand Noesa, its products emphasise cell care instead of skincare. According to the brand, the key to good skin is to give the cells exactly what they want.
What determines your skin condition is the level of cell activity that can only be triggered by energy. To fulfil this, Noesa uses biophotons, the light power stored in plants, in its formulas. It derives this energy from wild and precious plants, found at high altitudes in the south of France, which absorb their power from the sun.
A proprietary distillation method is then carried out to extract the biophotons. Fused by hand, these extracts are transformed into alchemetics, which merge the various superpowered energy characteristics of these plants. These deep into skin through a carrier called danadem, which enables cell renewal, self-regeneration and healing.
Noesa Anti Aging Concentrate
For anyone looking to reverse signs of ageing, these formulas spell good news. To put them to the test, we gave the Noesa Anti Aging Concentrate and Anti Wrinkle Repair Mask from The Primary Collection a try for a month.
To use the Anti Aging Concentrate, apply two pumps of the concentrate after toner, using a gentle pressing method and patting onto your face and neck. This concentrate can be used daily.
As for the Anti Wrinkle Repair Mask, dispense four pumps and spread evenly onto the whole face and neck, leaving a little excess formula to complement your application with a light massage, particularly around your expression lines. Apply in an upwards motion to best help your skin defy gravity. I used this in place of moisturiser three times a week.
Thoughts and results
Unlike other anti-ageing products, these are not rich and creamy moisturisers that you slather on. They are, instead, similar to serums as they are lightweight and absorb rapidly to maximise quick penetration into skin’s deeper layers. Both are recommended for night-time use, and work hand in hand.
My first impression of the Anti Aging Concentrate is immediately positive – the softly scented formula absorbs quickly. Within seconds, it penetrates into my skin, leaving it instantly smooth, soft and without a sticky residue.
Anti Wrinkle Repair Mask
The Anti-Wrinkle Repair Mask has a formula similar to a lotion, and, while it is slightly denser than the concentrate, it sits comfortably on skin unlike other thickly formulated overnight masks. As an after-effect, my skin felt cool and soothed after application.
When I first started using both products, I’d just come off a long bout of insomnia and anxiety. Exhaustion had began to take a toll on my face, which showed signs of ageing, such as dull skin, deeper smile lines and dark spots that did not seem to fade even with regular chemical exfoliation and applying retinol.
After four weeks, I was pleasantly surprised by the results. My skin looked radiant and visibly glowed, earning me compliments from friends and family. The dark spots caused by maskne looked lighter, although not completely gone. My smile lines also looked less pronounced in photos.
For someone who is sensitive to some fragrances, my skin reacted well to both. The formulas, despite being efficacious, were gentle on my skin and even calmed prior irritations from a facial. While a month was enough to see visible results, I’m confident that persistent use of the two will only yield more positive and long-term effects.
Visit Noesa at #01-23 Raffles Hotel Arcade, +65 9754 6967, to discover its full range of products.
This story first appeared in the May 2021 issue of Prestige Singapore.
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