Royal Fern Skincare Now Available in the Middle East

Leading the new generation of plant-based luxury skincare, Royal Fern makes its debut in the Middle East, launching exclusively on from April 2021.Developed by one of the most renowned dermatologists in Germany and internationally recognized anti-aging expert, Dr. Timm Golueke was in search of an all-in-one solution that combats skin concerns on various levels and boost a healthy skin. The result? His discovery of the superpowers of the Royal Fern.
Today, Royal Fern Skincare has established itself as a global player in the field of dermatology and continues to harness the plant’s inherent cellular-defence properties and antioxidant-rich ingredients to promote plump, soothed and youthful-looking skin.
Royal Ferns have been resilient plants for over 400 million years, adapting to the ever-changing environmental factors. Infusing its anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties with pioneering research, Dr. Timm Golueke developed each product to suit the modern skincare needs he sees every day.
Uniting nature with science, he created a state-of-the-art, biological complex of active substance, Royal Fern Complex. Revolutionary in its ingredients, the complex has a dual-action effect which is both immediate and, encapsulated in liposomes, deferred. The active substances can penetrate down to the deeper skin layers and take effect where they are really needed. It is released over the course of 12 hours due to the time-release effect to ensure the skin is provided with long-lasting protection and moisture. The Royal Fern Skincare Complex is supplemented by anti-aging molecules such as hyaluronic acid, retinol, beta-carotene, flavonoids, cocoa butter, Vitamin E and Vitamin C from the Acerola cherry.
The patented Royal Fern Complex lies in the heart of the new highly effective range of products. With 15 products currently available, the skincare line of creams, serums, balms and masks revitalizes the skin with moisture and stimulates natural collagen production, leaving the area fresher, clear and protected against further exposure.
This luxurious one-of-a-kind product line that consists of the highest standards of ingredients is developed and made in Germany and free from mineral oil, paraben and silicone.

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The Royals Skincare is a modern unisex skincare line with multi-effect products for instant and long-term results and is now available on ** <>

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Harness the healing power of honey with our topic pick of honey-infused skincare products.
Notably known as a superfood, honey has been used across the ages for its anti-ageing and anti-bacterial properties that heal, hydrate and sooth the skin. A powerhouse ingredient in the beauty world, up there with turmeric, avocado and citrus, honey’s active phytochemicals house an array benefits. Manuka honey, for instance, contains potent antibacterial properties and also acts as an all-natural exfoliator. Rather than scouting the internet for various DIY skincare recipes, below you’ll find an edit of our favourite honey- infused products that are brightening and nourishing in nature.
Featured and hero image courtesy of Youssef Aboutaleb via Unsplash
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Beauty Tips: Different types of acids and how to use them

Buying skincare products is like heading into chemistry class – acids of all sorts line the shelves, each one seemingly more dangerous than the next. But when used properly, they are among the best tools for fighting fine lines, pigmentation, acne scarring and other conditions. We take you through the most common types and how to use them.
Glycolic acid is a type of alpha- hydroxy acid (AHA) that’s derived from sugar cane. One of the most widely used AHAs, it’s most commonly employed as a chemical exfoliant in cleansers, toners and peels, often partnered with salicylic acid, another common substance used to exfoliate the skin and clear acne scars. Drunk Elephant’s T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Night Serum is one of the brand’s best-sellers and gentle enough to be used nightly. Remember to lather on the sunscreen in the morning though, as its use can increase your skin’s sensitivity to sun.
Wildsmith’s Dual-action Exfoliating Treatment
Gluconolactone is a poly-hydroxy acid (PHA), which are perhaps less well-known than AHAs or beta-hydroxy ones (BHAs). Nonetheless, it’s still an effective skincare ingredient and as it’s gentler than other acids it’s a great choice for those with sensitive skin. Wildsmith’s Dual-Action Exfoliating Treatment contains this PHA, which penetrates the skin slowly and gently to aid the removal of dead skin cells while providing deep hydration.
Hyaluronic acid is absolutely an essential for dry skin types. Its powerful anti-ageing properties work for every skin type and it can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, helping lock moisture in the skin to keep it hydrated and soft. Hyaluronic acid also has the ability to protect the skin from environmental damage and block out the sun’s UVB rays. French favourite Caudalíe’s Vinsource-Hydra SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum is a great choice, as is local clean-beauty brand Skin Need’s 100 percent Hyaluronic Acid + B5 Serum, with the added benefit of anti- inflammatory properties found in the pro-vitamin.

Skin Need’s serum

Ferulic acid is an ingredient that’s mostly used in conjunction with vitamins C and E in serums, and has antioxidant properties. Pixi’s Vitamin-C Remedy Mask helps brighten and tone the skin with its energising and hydrating blend of citrus, green tea, ferric acid and ginseng. When used with Vitamins C and E, it can also protect the skin from free radicals. It is a great product for more mature skin and for pigmentation problems.

Pixi’s Vitamin-C Remedy Mask helps brighten and tone the skin with its energising and hydrating blend

Lactic acid is the second-best- researched AHA after glycolic acid and is a great option, again for sensitive skin. Teresa Tarmey’s Lactic Acid Treatment, available at Net-a-Porter, is a light exfoliating peel that leaves the skin more radiant. Because it’s more gentle, it’s suitable for all skin types.
Phytic acid is a milder AHA that can effectively help to improve skin tone when used alongside a glycolic acid. Made from plant extracts, it is more nourishing on the skin and is one of the ingredients in Augustinus Bader’s Essence (along with salicylic, gluconolacctone and hyaluronic acid) to mildly exfoliate surface skin cells and improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture.
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Six of our society friends discover The History of Whoo’s prestigious formulas

Today’s idea of beauty is constantly shifting but what remains is a desire for plump, luminous and youthful-looking skin. This is attainable, thanks to The History of Whoo’s preservation of ancient royal beauty secrets through advanced formulations. These products support skin regeneration and cater to women of various ages, skin types and concerns.
Six society personalities put The History of Whoo to the test, with a two-week trial of the brand’s bestsellers: the Cheongidan Hwahyun Radiant Regenerating 6-Piece Queen Set, and the Hwanyu Imperial Youth First Serum.
The Cheongidan Series is The History of Whoo’s basic line of luxury skincare that restores skin resiliency and radiance. Its main ingredient is CheonGiBiDan, which is a potent formula based on a 25-ingredient secret beauty recipe of none other than Chinese Empress Dowager Cixi.
CheonGiBiDan is made from East Asian herbal medicine’s most powerful ingredients that are renowned for cellular growth and strengthening properties. They include the pearl-shaped nodules growing on the roots of 35-year-old wild ginseng, as well as the top part of deer antlers, which is rich in collagen.
Packaged in a royal purple bottle is the Hwanyu Imperial Youth First Serum, which is from The History of Whoo’s most precious skincare range. Featuring whole wild ginseng as one of the 11 key herbs, it is made using the brand’s patented Hundred Boiling Method. As a first-step serum, it is best used immediately after cleansing to experience the three-tiered anti-ageing benefits: Ikjin (the locking in of hydration), Hwadam (the enhancement of absorption of subsequent products) and Soseng (the infusion of youthful vitality).
Ahead, the ladies tell us about their impressions and which products they love best.
Nina Ng

Upon receiving The History of Whoo products, lady of leisure and mother of three Nina Ng was excited to try them all. The svelte fashionista, who juggles an active social life with a rigorous fitness schedule, keeps her workouts varied and fun. “I feel more inspired to work out when I’m doing it with a partner. I have a buddy for yoga, gym, tennis and cycling.”
Nina, who has dry skin, gushes about how her skin appears visibly hydrated after the trial. Her absolute favourite is the Hwanyu Imperial Youth First Serum. Light in texture, it glides on effortlessly to soothe skin. “It hydrates the skin after cleansing and helps subsequent products to absorb better.”
She also swears by the Cheongidan Hwahyun Radiant Regenerating Cream. “It features all-natural ingredients such as a plant-derived moisturising butter that can hold 440 per cent of moisture; and CheonGiBiDan, which is made of pearl-shaped wild ginseng roots. The formula improves skin resiliency and is my new favourite product I can’t live without.”
Nina, who also has sensitive skin, loves that her skin not only lapped up the moisture but was soothed by the formulas. Her first impression of The History of Whoo – that the brand uses completely natural ingredients but produces fast results – is now fully affirmed. “My skin is clearer, smoother and feels more hydrated after the two weeks.”
Sabrina Ho

Sabrina certainly has her hands full. The 28-year-old, who handles marketing and design at her mother’s jewellery label Flower Diamond, keeps a schedule filled with work, Muay Thai sessions and weight training. Days off from work are spent entirely on pampering herself with manicures, massages or touch-ups on her eyelash extensions.
Sabrina, who has had eczema since young, keeps her routine simple to avoid rashes and the subsequent pigmentation left behind from the blemishes. “My advice is to know your skin type, and do more research on the type of beauty products that are suited for your skin. Also, be sure to wear sunblock every day!”
Sabrina adores the Hwanyu Imperial Youth First Serum. “This skincare product might be new to me, but I have heard so much about The History of Whoo.” Describing the formula as having a pleasant herbal yet floral scent, with a lightweight texture, she says she is surprised by the results of the trial.
“Two weeks after, my skin looks way better than I expected. My complexion appears to be healthier and radiant. This serum will keep me looking youthful and give me that glow.”
Karen Ong-Tan

Karen’s schedule runs like clockwork every day, beginning at 5.30am to indulge in her beauty routine, which incorporates face yoga and massage with breathing exercises. The rest of the hours are spent on tending to her daughter Kara’s home-schooling needs and going on outdoor runs. Work calls are usually taken in the early morning or pre-bedtime. The day ends with a relaxing round of self-care.
With so much activity in her life, she sometimes performs her skincare routine three times a day. “It focuses on maintaining skin’s pH balance, protecting its moisture, and nourishing it from inside and out.”
Karen enjoys using the Hwanyu Imperial Youth First Serum right after stepping out of the shower or cleansing her face. “It just seals in all that moisture.” She also highlights how the Cheongidan Hwahyun Radiant Regenerating Cream and Eye Cream feel like fluffy butter that melt quickly into the skin. “Despite their quick absorption, their texture offer the perfect viscosity for my facial massages.”
“I’ve noticed a greater radiance to my complexion, which is a sign of happy and healthy skin,” adds Karen, who has always been impressed by the brand’s holistic philosophy of merging Eastern medicinal herbs with modern science. “I believe that the magic of the results lies in the genius and equilibrium of the unique proportions and combination of ingredients.”
Alicia Thian

Alicia lives life at full throttle, as executive director at the Bank of Singapore. Her demanding role as a senior banker to Ultra High Net Worth clients and family offices sees her working from 9am all the way to midnight sometimes – up to a staggering 15 hours in a single day.
The self-professed hard-core gym-goer also runs outdoors every day and hikes weekly. “The sun helps me decompress,” says Alicia. The downside of her daytime runs are her newfound freckles, despite religious application of sunscreen and conscientious after-care.
Two weeks in, she counts the Cheongidan Hwahyun Radiant Regenerating Cream among her favourites. Describing it as a divine formulation for
skin brightening, she says, “The product efficacy is superior as my skin in the morning feels revitalised and looks brighter after application”.
Alicia also adores the silky texture of the Cheongidan Hwahyun Radiant Regenerating Eye Cream, which she says has reduced her fine lines and diminished her dark circles. “It is a soft balm that instantly melts into my delicate eye area.”
To her delight, using the entire set has imparted a fresh radiance to her complexion and helped her freckles become less visible. “Friends wondered if I had gone for a staycation as they said I have a post-holiday glow. I believe that The History of Whoo indeed combines modern science with powerful oriental medicine to give incredible results.”
Dawn Koh

The pandemic has a silver lining for many and that includes Dawn, who shifted her focus to wellness. “I get my 10,000 steps in daily, meditate to keep sane and have a job that keeps my brain active. My family and I spend a lot of our time together watching films, listening to music, working out and cooking. True simple joy!”
To achieve good skin health, the co-founder of homegrown cake company Chalk Farm believes that diet, exercise and sleep are key complements to the best skincare routine. After trying The History of Whoo products for two weeks, Dawn says she finds it difficult to choose her favourites.
“Honestly, I have been loving every single product from The History of Whoo. If I have to narrow it down, my top three would be the Cheongidan Hwahyun Radiant Regenerating Balancer, the Radiant Regenerating Cream and Eye Cream. I could see the immediate results after a few days. My skin is rather dry and sensitive, and they left my skin feeling supple and hydrated.”
She also recommends the Cheongidan Hwahyun Radiant Regenerating Gold Concentrate Ampoule. “It looks extravagant, and if you want to pamper yourself after a long night, this is incredible. It detoxifies the skin and brings back the radiance and glow. I’ve noticed my fine lines have smoothened out.”
Dawn, who admits that she used to think the brand was more suitable for matured skin, is surprised by the results.“My skin is firmer and more resilient.”
Loh May-Han

For May-Han, a doctor who juggles numerous roles including consultant at the Department of Anaesthesia of National University Hospital, her skincare routine depends on the tempo of the day. “On usual work days, efficient routines work with my main focus on regular maintenance. Weekends are more indulgent and laissez-faire where I am able to take more time to nourish the skin with masks and spa sessions.”
The self-proclaimed task-oriented person applies the same rigour to her skincare routine as her work schedule. “I believe in discipline when it comes to the essential cleansing, toning, repairing and moisturising steps for skin maintenance.”
May-Han counts herself fortunate to have easy- to-care-for skin. “I tend to focus on maintenance and, like everyone else, hope to delay the signs of ageing.” Her first impression of The History of Whoo was that the products looked fit for royalty. On her first use, she immediately liked the consistency of the formulas and how they feel on skin. “It’s like an ultra- light and silky veil that is protective and moisturising.”
May-Han’s top pick is the Cheongidan Hwahyun Radiant Regenerating Eye Cream. “I’m always on the lookout for a good eye cream as I use it most frequently. Sometimes I apply it before putting on makeup or when the eyes have been working hard with screen use.”
She says the cream glides easily on skin, and feels light on the sensitive areas around the eyes. “It will be the first product I’ll repurchase.”
Art Direction: Audrey Chan; Photography: Joel Low; Hair: Ann Lin/Athens Salon & Jimmy Yap/Kimistry Hair Boutique using Dyson; Make-up: TG Goh & Keith Bryant Lee using The History Of Whoo

This story first appeared in the September issue of Prestige Singapore.
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