Clinique La Prairie new Nutritional Supplements

Clinique La Prairie, the luxury spa and wellness destination, has launched Holistic Health, a pioneering collection of Swiss-made supplements, to support modern society’s health.

It is the most sophisticated supplement offered yet. Also, for the first time, offers clients the benefit of Clinique La Prairie’s industry-leading medical expertise, outside of the clinic.

The four health routines, Age-Defy, Balance, Energy, and Purity, were created by the team of life-science experts at the clinic by connecting the five fundamental pillars for healthy living: immunity, stress management, anti-inflammation, rejuvenation and cellular longevity. The result is a unique core Holistic Complex released from the fusion of five proven compounds: Neuromics, Synerithin, Fixentin, Immucell and Niehanyl.

Each of the four vegan supplements pairs the powerful ingredients of the Holistic Complex with carefully selected micronutrients and plant extracts to make active solutions and conditions reach maximum benefits.

Prices start from 340 CHF for a 60-day supply of the Holistic Health Supplements. More information is available at .

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