Moncler’s sneaker galaxy has a new star: the Promyx Space. Building on the classic leather upper and flat ‘cassette’ sole of the Promyx shoe, the Promyx Space is maxed out with 90s basketball details such as bold edging and rubber spoilers for an iconic new shape.
The sneaker comes in both high top and low silhouettes punctuated with bolts of blue and red. The retro-futuristic silhouette is reinforced with a foam-padded tongue, plumped to match the chunky sole for a confident bounce. Colorways are offered in ice white, spacey silver, and a black and charcoal mix.

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‘Lab Report: Gear up for summer with adidas x Victorinox’s latest drop

In a venture marrying multifunctionality and style, adidas and Victorinox have co-created a matching sneaker and pocket knife.
Summer calls for new adventures, whether that means scaling the mountains or urban exploration. Either way, you’re bound to be out and about in the sun, hopefully trying things you’ve never done before (unless you’re like me and prefer to stay indoors, but I digress). With that in mind, two major lifestyle powerhouses have joined forces for a fresh collaboration that aims to equip the wearer with functionality and style for any adventure.
Yup, it’s true — adidas and Victorinox have teamed up to design two new, unique products: the first is the EQT 93 Victorinox sneaker and the second is the Classic SD Solemate Limited Edition pocket knife. Paired together, the two will sharpen up any fit.
EQT 93 Victorinox

For many years, limited editions of the Swiss Army Knives have been made with Damascus steel, so it only makes sense to include the fine material in the creation of the EQT 93 Victorinox. As it is, the shiny silver Damascus pattern is a fitting companion to the Victorinox red used in the intricately designed sneaker.
At first glance, the left and right shoes appear to be mirror copies of each other, but look closely and you’ll find subtle differences.
The left shoe is all about the Victorinox brand. Dig around for subtle markings — like the image of the Spartan pocket knife on the heel, the Victorinox Cross and Shield on the side, the Victorinox corporate design on the inner sole and the coordinates of the Victorinox headquarters peeking through the transparent outer sole.
The right shoe, meanwhile, pays homage to adidas. In the same vein as the left shoe, it displays the adidas logo on the heel, the three stripes on the side, the adidas corporate design on the inner sole and the coordinates of the adidas headquarters visible through the outer sole.
Classic SD Solemate Limited Edition

Like all Victorinox knives, the Classic SD Solemate Limited Edition promises to be your “partner for life”. It’ll help you handle any urban adventure with style — not just for this summer, but forever, with its lifetime guarantee.
A marriage of the two brands, the blade of the pocket knife is engraved with the coordinates of the Victorinox headquarters in Ibach, Switzerland, and those of the adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany. One scale represents the Victorinox corporate design while the other side displays an imprint of the iconic Damascus steel.
But perhaps the best part of the knife? It comes with a Nappa leather pouch that can be attached to the sneaker — now you can wear pocketless pants! — and a key hanger that complements the shoelaces of the EQT 93 Victorinox.

The EQT 93 Victorinox and the Victorinox Classic SD Solemate Limited Edition are now available in selected markets. You can find the sneaker at adidas online stores and the pocket knife at Victorinox online stores. Find out more on the Victorinox website.
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