ANTI-DO-TO: clothing as a form of activism
Let’s go back to the root of why we get dressed: We need to feel good about ourselves and in the
presence of others. We are in constant pursuit of authenticity, comfort, humanity. These are the
values that dominate our choices, and we are conscious that every single action can make an
impact. Even in building a wardrobe.
Against the odds and amid a historic shift impeding the future, ANTI-DO-TO was born in 2020 as
an activist brand that aims to face the issues of our time. It’s a manifesto of intention and action,
conveyed and amplified by the expressive force of a brand that intends clothing as a tool of

ANTI-DO-TO unites people who from different backgrounds and styles, inviting them to become
actors of change. Never before has it been necessary to join forces against the status quo. But it is
also necessary to take positive action to build a better tomorrow.
For ANTI-DO-TO clothing becomes a call to action: change-to-wear. Every garment in itself is a
declaration of intent, a manifesto shared among those who strive to create a better future, and
which invites individuals with like-minded values to participate. By purchasing ANTI-DO-TO
products, you contribute actively to social impact projects and wearing them inspires further
change. 50 percent of the net profits derived from sales are directly invested into initiatives that
support the four themes at the brand’s core: mental and physical well-being, inclusion, the
community and the planet.

In our world, each garment is an act of change. It is in its own message that it aims to share and
on which it ushers in action and even more concretely, in the causes it supports. The first is the
finalisation of the skatepark in the port of Gaza, where the goal is to create, though a passion for
skateboarding, a naturally inclusive meeting place for youth, a place for free self-expression.
The first collection, available exclusively online on the brand’s website, is composed of 15 styles:
T-shirts, sweatshirts or hoodies also in a knitted version. Fluid pants, shorts and waterproof jackets.
In this urban kit, two accessories were envisaged: a beanie and a baseball cap. The collection will
also include garments that are the result of various collaborations with other designers, creatives,
collectives and like-minded brands in-line ANTI-DO-TO’s values.
Timeless garments designed to last
Essence is at the heart of ANTI-DO-TO’s designs. It features an essential, functional and
versatile wardrobe, both in terms of use, occasions and gender. ANTI-DO-TO items are designed
and created with the utmost attention to quality to last over time and transcending the concept of
seasonality. Garments made to be cared for, to be repaired if necessary, re-fashioned, or possibly
passed on to another individual who will in turn, cherish that item.
From white to black and vibrant hues inspired by nature, colors are emblematic of the
inclusiveness of the brand. Overall, the collection offers a whole range of sizes and has soft-fit that is in some cases, transformed through small accents like buttons, drawstrings, becoming even
more flexible, and ready to embrace the universal.
Sustainable materials
Being responsible for people and the planet is in ANTI-DO-TO’s DNA. For this reason, this
landmark collection was created using low-impact solutions for the planet.
Each ANTI-DO-TO garment is made from certified sustainable materials such as GOTS organic
cotton, recycled GRS fibers – such as nylon regenerated from production waste – or upcycled
deadstock fabrics destined for landfill.
The brand’s environmental awareness also extends to the packaging, which is made of 100%
FSC-certified recycled paper. To minimize its impact, protecting and transporting its garments
from production to storage in e-commerce warehouses, ANTI-DO-TO uses compostable corn
starch plastic-free bags as industrial packaging, which are not sent to the end customer and are
carefully reused in loop, until replacement is required.
Ethically made, in Italy
The collection was entirely made in Italy, mainly in the Veneto region, an Italian manufacturing
heartland, where ANTI-DO-TO has carefully scouted small, independent, family-run workshops that
craft their garments with care, and in an ethical and respectful manner.

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