“Au Pays du Cèdre et des Femmes”

Femininity is quite often celebrated in bloom with floral patterns, so much so that we forget that women can also be strong and resilient. For the Summer 2021 season, Zuhair Murad surprises with a magnificent Couture Collection inspired by the Cedar.

Symbol of Lebanon, Zuhair Murad’s motherland, this ‘millennial’ tree – or more accurately ‘eternal’ – lends its best qualities to the creature who gracefully defies the wrath of nature and Man; withstands any storm; overcomes any obstacle; and stands tall in the face of adversity; because the Woman is life and gives life.

The Summer 2021 Couture Collection is a magical encounter between the woman-tree and the tree-woman, who engage in a subtle, spiritual exchange that embodies exceptional synergy between two similar natures, constantly seeking each other.

Wandering in a sacred labyrinth carved in an abstract cedar forest, the woman imagined by Zuhair Murad embarks on a mystical journey of self-discovery. Her quest culminates in a powerful face-off with the Cedar tree, from which she has drawn her most sacred of traits. The two fuse together, merging strengths until they become one.

The inspiring collection celebrates the freshness of woods, featuring iridescent shades, light fabrics, and sensual textures, from tulle and silk muslin to gazar, lurex, and crêpe Georgette. Outfits paint the reflection of a misty forest at the dawn of a summer day: powdery skies, pink clouds, sandy shades of beige and gray, sheer aquatic green or deeper leaf greens, and of course, silver, lots of silver specks outlining the trunk, sap and dew of birch trees.

A master of embroidery, Zuhair Murad artfully lines his transparent canvas with sparkling glitter and sequins, cascades of silver, splashes of luminous dust, and delicately shiny patterns that bring life to corsets and add fluidity to dresses. Seamlessly and brilliantly, the designer draws birch patterns, branches, cones, and stump veins. He hollows out furrows, highlights protruding forms, portrays three-dimensional blooms, and captures the light surrounding individual silhouettes in an enchanting halo. Feathers find their way to the catwalk around the sleeves or in stoles, reminiscing of lyrebirds landing on the cedar woman to flatter her beautiful mystery.

Glamour is found with every curve through long dresses, airy drapes, daring slits and feminine transparency, shaping together flared ball gowns, tapered sheaths and a glorious wedding dress in pinkish white illuminated with silver. Structured at times and blurred at others, the slender waist marked by elegant belts, sways gracefully and seduces the eye.

The Zuhair Murad Summer 2021 Couture Collection immerses women in the magic of the forest, honoring her powers and venerating her divine part as a source of eternal life and inspiration.

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