Fauré Le Page: Featuring Cartouchière 21

Fauré Le Page presents its cartouchière: a label classic with a twist. The cartouchière has been reinvented for women while was in the past used to store hunter-princes’ ammunition.

The Fauré Le Page cartouchière is at the same time a vessel and a weapon of seduction. Worn as a bandolier, it keeps ammunition at hand in the heat of battle.

On the reverse side, a hidden mirror helps find the target and take aim with a smouldering gaze. A predecessor of the cartouchière, called the giberne, was created by King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden in 1620 to replace the older, impractical ‘bullet bag’. After been initially worn as a bandolier under Louis XV, it became a belt before returning to its earlier cross-body position in the mid 18th century.

Before being replaced in 1845 by the cartouchière following the industrialization of the leather industry and the design of various coated canvasses, the Ancient Regime, Revolutionary and Empire soldiers wore the giberne.

This bag style was originally for men, but after WWII, it became an iconic womenswear piece. Now Fauré Le Page is revisiting one of its historic 19th century bags with its famous ‘ scale’ canvas, carved pattern that has ornamented the label’s most precious weapons. 

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