Moncler offers a fresh approach to springtime layering with two clean and crisp outerwear ideas from the Moncler Collection: the Pulcherrima technical bomber jacket and the Printseps rain poncho.

In the Pulcherrima, a nuanced hide-and-seek effect is achieved through the layering of sporty jacquard mesh over an extra fine film of ‘micro-nouvelle’ nylon, allowing for protection from the wind, breathability and transparency all at once.

The Printseps is a filament-fine top layer designed to protect from the spring elements. A modern version of the classic rain poncho, it’s crafted of durable silk-effect nylon, with a dramatic A-line silhouette and kimono sleeves and snap closures for styling options. 

The Mini Seashell bag adds a cloud-like flourish to the levity of the look. Iconic quilting realized in ultra-lightweight nylon technique makes this bag as tactile as it is light and useful. Leather drawstring toggles and straps allow it to be carried as a pouch or cross body.

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