Kempinski Hotels and Salvatore Ferragamo

Kempinski Hotels and Salvatore Ferragamo announced a new partnership. The two luxury brands, share the same spirit born from a stunningly similar history and join forces in a promising collaboration dedicated to delivering top quality products made with care for the environment.

Several projects will mark the collaboration: Ferragamo perfumes and home fragrances will be available on Kempinski e-commerce platforms, and Kempinski will give to top clients the opportunity to access dedicated events in nearby Ferragamo boutiques.

Underlining their customer, guest and employee-oriented identity, the two companies have also paid homage to the Lady in Red, the iconic Kempinski brand ambassador showcasing the cultural nuances and European elegance the luxury hotelier is famous for. The strikingly elegant refined, tailor-made red uniform of each Lady in Red has been endowed with a luxurious italian present: the exclusive Salvatore Ferragamo red Vara shoes.

The founders of Salvatore Ferragamo and Kempinski Hotels share common values and a similar DNA, both. Both create brands that are characterized by unconditional passion and local empathy and combine craftsmanship with a strong innovative strain.

Morover, they share the same care for the environment. All Ferragamo hotel amenities, tailor-made and distributed across the whole Kempinski network, under their partnership, will be made in Italy out of 100% recycled plastic.

Kempinski has also partnered with Clean The World, an organisation that collects and recycles soap bars and bottled amenities discarded by the hospitality industry, to give them, along with other donated hygiene products, to disadvantaged communities worldwide, thus significantly increasing hygiene-related diseases and deaths’ prevention.

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