Reverso: a story of innovation since 1931

Reverso Soixantième was launched in 1991 and it coincided with the rebirth of mechanical watchmaking that followed the quartz crisis. With it, Reverso embraced its potential to be much more than a time-only watch.

Calibre 824, developed especially for the Reverso Soixantième, incorporated a date indicated by a central hand and a power reserve indicator. This was followed in 1993 by the Reverso Tourbillon, the Manufacture’s first wristwatch tourbillon.

Developed for the Reverso Septantième and released in 2002, Calibre 879 provided an 8-day power reserve. From its origins, through 90 years of evolution and countless variations, the Reverso has continually reinvented itself without ever compromising its identity.

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