Ocean Wise end overfishing

Overfishing is one of the greatest threats to the health of our oceans, as it causes biodiversity loss, habitat destruction, bycatch of marine species, human rights abuses, and more. But today, individuals and businesses finally have a reason to be optimistic.

Throughout June and July, Ocean Wise’s seafood program is running its Waves of Change campaign to educate and empower individuals and businesses to take action to help end one of our planet’s greatest crises: overfishing.

AS Sophika Kostyniuk, Ocean Wise’s Director, Fisheries and Seafood explains “Not only are ocean habitats, biodiversity and species populations at risk when overfishing occurs, the livelihoods and cultures of tens of millions of people around the globe are also negatively impacted. Every business and every consumer has the power to create positive change by educating themselves and making the right choices every day. Ocean Wise is here to guide you to be an important part of the solution. Together, we can help turn the tide on overfishing.”

In June and July, Ocean Wise is asking members of the media and the general public to join us as we share educational resources about the drivers and solutions to overfishing. We will also be highlighting the ways in which Ocean Wise’s incredible partners are leading the sustainable seafood movement.

Ocean Wise has been working closely with food service partners and businesses across Canada to identify and take key steps to help end overfishing. The result has been an inspiring set of actions that give real hope.

This Waves of Change campaign already has more then 40 business partners, including Fresh Prep, Save On Foods and White Spot. 

Regular updates are be posted on: seafood.ocean.org/waves-of-change. There, you can also find many resources, fundraisers, actions and events to get involved, including a webinar on World Oceans Day, June 8 at 12:00 PM PST / 3PM EST titled Navigating Solutions to Overfishing, focused on actionable solutions that every person and business can take to make a positive contribution to ocean health.

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Spa review: Balance Health incorporates CBD and acupuncture in their latest deluxe facial

In times of stress, there’s nothing more calming than heading to an oasis of tranquillity in the middle of the city to refresh. Tucked away on Arbuthnot Road, high above the crowds, we settle in for a session of Balance Health’s latest holistic facial treatment.  
I have always been a proponent of traditional Chinese medicine and methods. Sprained ankle? Bone setting. Tight muscles? Acupuncture. Swollen, sluggish body? Lymphatic drainage massage. Suffice to say, it was welcome news to hear about Balance Health’s latest treatment that incorporated not just a cannabidiol component, as is all the current rage, but also a facial acupuncture session. 
The vibe 
Balance Health is a holistic health clinic that offers alternative treatments for one’s various needs. Integrating the principles of conventional and complementary medicine, the team seeks to tackle issues in health and well-being with natural practices to make one’s body stronger and less susceptible to illness and disease.  
The therapists were professional and efficient, herding me from the lobby, to the consulting room, to the treatment room in no time. I’d never tried facial acupuncture before, but all my questions and concerns were deftly answered as I settled in to a midday session, mind at ease.  
Balance Health
The treatment 
The Deluxe Facial CBD Package is a two-part treatment. 
The first part consists of a consultation with a Chinese Medicine practitioner. In my case, that was Michelle Zhang. She began by checking my pulse, and noted that my left side was tensed and tight, most likely caused by overthinking or stress from problem solving — apparently quite common amongst Hongkongers. My right side was also noted to be quite ‘damp’, along with a possible issue with my digestive system. All in all, rather minor issues.  
After the assessment, Zhang led me to a treatment room where we set about to target my health concerns. I was given an herbal tea with two drops of CBD (20ml) to relax while she prepared the needles for my facial acupuncture. Despite my initial reservations about having needles that close to my face, the process was swift and virtually painless. Before I knew it, I had 35 needles in. Wild.

Looking like a human porcupine at Balance Health

To assist with the blood circulation and stimulation, Zhang followed the acupuncture with a singing bowl treatment with a resonance that was delightfully soothing. 
The second part of the treatment was with Bodywork Therapist and Energy Healer, Hafsa Khan. Focusing on unlocking energy blockages within our mind and body, Khan started with a guided meditation session before the CBD and Gua Sha treatment began.  
To be clear, I own several of my own Gua Sha tools and occasionally give myself a quick facial massage on weekends, but having a professional target your problem areas really is a different experience altogether. Khan was gentle but firm in her ministrations, using the CBD oil with particular focus on my swollen lymph nodes behind my ears and down to my neck.  

Photo by Sun Studio Creative via Unsplash

The verdict 
The full deluxe facial took about 1.5 hours, and left me feeling very — for lack of a better word — unblocked. The light puffiness in my neck and jaw was gone post-treatment, and I noticed a marked reduction of under eye shadows.  
With repeated sessions, the CBD facial and facial acupuncture combination is meant to improve sleep quality and circulation, as well as strengthen one’s immune system. While I cannot vouch for the long-term effects just yet, the short-term benefits were instantly visible, and I walked out with a lightness that I felt in both my mind and body.  
Balance Health’s Deluxe Facial CBD Package is currently being offered at $1,900 as a launch price (original price $2,400). 
27/F, Universal Trade Center, 3 Arbuthnot Rd, Central, +852 2530 3315 
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