SEAN SUEN Spring/Summer 2022 Collection


The SEAN SUEN 2022 Spring/Summer collection is inspired by a fleeting moment of blistering and scorching sensations and, through the ephemeral and irradiant love between people, expressed these “wonderful fleeting moments” in our lives.

Like the fireworks, the flower blossoms, these wonderful things in life, the heat, may be gone before we realise it, but these moments are also eternal. SEAN SUEN uses his clothes as a medium for expressing emotions and establishes connections between clothes and people, and between people through his design. He tries to integrate in his clothes the state of bursting love when lovers hug, emphasising the comfort of fabrics for the wearing experience, and utilising knit, wool, silk and other soft materials which are interwoven with leather to convey the multi-dimensional and multi-layered feeling of intimate moments. Purple, green, blue and other colors are intertwined in the obscure and mysterious fabrics, just as the summer breeze lingering in the heat of love, which is the best interpretation of romantic moments.

We have been lucky enough to live in the same lasting day, but unfortunately I am at dusk, while you are at dawn. Between us, there is an eternal distance that the night cannot cross. However, there will always be a moment, as if that night, as if I were in your dream, and you in mine.

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