RTW 03 marks the official launch of denim; vintage classics are given the AREA treatment with encrusted details like heart cutouts and signature embellishments.

The mundane and familiar has been reworked into exciting alternatives, and previous codes have become more playful and inviting.

Tailoring this season is ultra-feminine, with silhouettes echoing the ‘New Look’ meets 80’s Brit-punk. Shapes range from sexy sweetheart cropped blazers to boxy men’s jackets with giant heart cut-outs. Hourglass shaped jackets with detachable hip pads and sharp, black, evening tailoring are both hand-embroidered with crystal.

Luxe eco-cashmere knitwear is realized as crisscross cardigans in grass green and black. Traditional hand-crochet motifs are translated into fuzzy fuchsia separates for day, and bejeweled tops and dresses for evening.

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