EX NIHILO Introduces New Perfumed Mist

The perfumed mists are developed with the most beautiful materials of High Perfumery. They are created in perfect match with EX NIHILO fragrances, to enhance the sillage and personalize their aura.Their gentle formulation respects the body and hair and allows a truly personalized, subtle and long-lasting scent.

*EXALT * Silhouette of Pureness
EXALT was created by Natalie Cetto as a mist of pure bliss. An ode to the Asian exquisite sophistication, twisted with our Parisian signature. Powdery, delicate and clean notes are exalted through a subtle combination of White Tea and Rice powder. Soft Musks, sparkled with Orange Blossom, leave a sillage of bright pureness on the skin.

Olfactory Family
Floral Powdery Musky
Perfumer – Natalie Cetto
As an experienced perfumer, Natalie magnifies flowers in the core of her creations, giving them a marvelous and sensual relief, a perfect alchemy between airiness and depth. Her bewitching and addictive elixirs sound like a call to charm and seduction.They embody the contrast between academic rigor and poetry. Each of them distinguishes itself by a unique love for detail.
For EX NIHILO she already designed SWEET MORPHINE, LOVE SHOT and HONORÉ DELIGHTS (part of Les Interdites collection).

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Behind the scent: Perfumers Emilie Coppermann and Aliénor Massenet on Ferragamo’s new Storie di Seta

If you were to choose a personal scent, what would it be?
Can’t decide? You don’t have to settle on a singular expression with Salvatore Ferragamo’s new silk perfume anthology, Storie di Seta. Inspired by the Italian maison’s iconic silk creations and consisting of four eau de parfums, the collection is designed to be layered and customised for unexpected juxtapositions and innumerable possibilities you can call your own.
The oneiric landscapes of Storie di Seta offer an olfactory playground for your imagination to run wild. Giardini di Seta is a floral-fruity essence with juicy top notes of sweet-tangy rhubarb and soft sakura flowers that mellows to a warm musky finish from Madagascar vetiver. Green, earthy freshness comes through in the Giungle di Seta, with its velvety vapours of green pea, peony blossoms and musk. The Savane di Seta, a citrus-dominant scent, features a carrot accord that leads to the powdery, floral notes of Orris at its heart with milky undertones of Indian sandalwood. My favourite of the lot is the Oceani di Seta, which starts off salty and aqueous like the ocean, followed by a soft, floral airiness by way of magnolias and heliotrope. Underneath the four scents is an exclusive signature accord that Ferragamo calls the “Filo di Seta” (or silk thread), which lingers at the base of each composition for seamless fusion and layering with other fragrances.

Built with sustainability in mind, the Storie di Seta anthology is 62.2% renewable and 99.1% biodegradable. Its olfactory DNA features Lilybelle, a new molecule of dewy lily of the valley obtained from orange peel through green chemistry; Timut Pepper, an ethically sourced spicy pepper oil with unique accents of pink grapefruit, yuzu and woody floral tones; and Neo Soie Velours De Laire, a silk-inspired accord that binds the fragrances to Ferragamo’s legacy.
The bottles, embellished with beautiful nature-inspired illustrations, are also an ode to the house’s iconic silk creations. Giardini di Seta portrays a fantastical garden with lavish tropical flowers and birds; Giungle di Seta evokes the lush jungle with rich foliage in shades of green; Savane di Seta captures a wild savannah sunset with stylised leaves and rare animals; and Oceani di Seta presents an underwater paradise of corals, sea plants and marine life.
Ahead, Symrise perfumers and creators of Storie di Seta Emilie Coppermann and Aliénor Massenet give us a deeper look into the making of the perfumes and how to create your own personal scent.

Tell us about your experience collaborating with Ferragamo.
Aliénor Massenet (AM): I love the way Ferragamo treats like a masterpiece, from fashion to perfumes. Every tiny detail is considered. I’m honoured to develop the perfumes in Storie di Seta as I resonate very much with the brand’s values.
Emilie Coppermann (EC): The Ferragamo brand is a family business with values that are dear to me. They respect the work of the creator and value the creative approach. When it comes to raw materials, they carefully select the ones they want to have in the perfumes while always respecting the sourcing.
Scent is something deeply personal and subjective. People perceive smells differently. How do you then work with a brief?
AM & EC: We keep an eye on the new market trends and perfume bestsellers in each market. We have much information thanks to our Consumer Insight division at Symrise regarding consumer’s olfactive preferences globally. We take all this information into consideration to develop the best scents responding to this criteria.
Aliénor Massenet
What was your creative process for the collection?
AM and EC: We started with a figurative idea that we then transcribed into emotions. It began with a four-handed silk thread accord, composed of noble natural essences (Timut Pepper) and other materials that respond to an approach of innovation (Neo Soie Velours De Laire) and sustainable development (Lilybelle). The silk thread also encapsulates the Ferragamo brand while staying true to our personal styles.
Thanks to the Filo di Seta accord, these fragrances can be layered together, which highlights Ferragamo’s ability to create harmony by uniting different elements. The purpose was to unite and give life to different olfactory emotions and universes, with a common thread.
What is Lillybelle and what is this “green chemistry” that is used to obtain the molecule?
AM &EC:  Lilybelle is an exclusive Symrise molecule, reminiscent of the fresh and dewy scent of lily of the valley. This sustainable molecule comes from orange peel, a waste product from the fruit juice industry. By recycling this renewable by-product, Symrise has designed and developed a synthetic process respecting the 12 principles of green chemistry. Additionally, Lilybelle is biodegradable.
There are also two scent boosters in the collection — how and why are they created?
AM &EC: These boosters were developed to combine, intensify, and create a personalized fragrance with the addition of a woody or musky note. This new booster effect is supported by new gestures: 2 fun rollers are ready to be played with all the fragrances, for an incredible tailor made result.
Emilie Coppermann
What do you hope to achieve with the four fragrances?
AM &EC: It is our desire to show that it is possible to create luxury fragrances in line with the brand’s values and sustainability. We also want to give wearers the opportunity to make scents their own by combining fragrances.
Any tips for layering fragrances?
AM &EC: There are no rules, it is really up to you, the aim of this collection is to create infinite possibilities. You can layer two or more scents from the collection on your skin to create your own signature fragrance. Any combination is possible.
What are some of your favourite combinations?
AM: What a difficult question! It’s so personal so I think the best combination would be the one you create for yourself and that makes you feel most confident. For me, I love mixing Giungle di Seta with Giardini di Seta for a green and fruity scent – it’s an uplifting scent to start your day with!
EC: One of my best combinations is two spritz of Oceani di Seta and one of Giardini di Seta. It turns out  like a garden by the water, which instantly makes me feel like I’m on a holiday! And if you want to bring more deepness you can add a touch of the Woody booster.

Tell us more about the eco-friendly aspects of the collection.
AM & EC: Sustainability elements were implemented throughout the products from its contents to the packaging. The Filo di Seta accord, which is present in all the variants, features renewable materials and a biodegradable formulation.
It also includes several Madagascar’s raw materials that are ethically sourced. Symrise is the first fragrance house with fully sustainable integrated sourcing with its Madagascar Program, established in 2005. The country has quickly become a hub for exceptional ethically sourced natural oils such as the beautiful vetiver oil highlighted in Giardini di Seta.
The Symrise Artisan Program is dedicated to exclusive partnerships with sustainability at its heart. We support the cultivation of Timut Pepper from Nepal, one of the best peppers in the world produced by small farmers communities living in Kathmandu’s mountains. That’s why we chose this very precious and unique pepper to be at the core of the Filo di Seta accord.
The sustainability and environmental responsibility concerns also extends to the fragrance’s packaging: A VIP pochon gift is made with Salvatore Ferragamo ties leftovers and the outerpacks are certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

How has the fragrance industry changed with the heightened awareness of sustainability?
AM & EC: Sustainability is no longer an extra criteria. It is now fully integrated in the creative process. This led to the development and sourcing of new ingredients as well as the emergence of new ethical programmes, which are constantly enriched.
Is there something that you’ve done for the first time with Storie Di Seta?
AM & EC: It was the first time that we had to create a collection of fragrances and boosters that can be mixed together. It was a complex and challenging exercise to combine creativity with sustainability!
Explore the Storie di Seta anthology here.
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Henry Jacques tops off its Les Toupies trilogy with six new scents

Henry Jacques completes its Les Toupies trilogy from the Masterpieces collection with a final pairing that advances its art of great perfumery.
Where a new wave of niche names are jostling for space in the haute parfumerie universe, few can lay claim to a legendary reputation like Henry Jacques. In 1975, Henry Cremona founded the perfume atelier, creating sublime scents drawn from childhood wanderlust. For decades, the maison has discreetly cloaked elites, royals and the well-heeled in its tailor-made blends. Today, while it has opened its doors to the discerning public, it remains one of the few family-owned fragrance houses in the world.
The mark of the Henry Jacques legacy is its art of great perfumery, where olfactive finesse pairs with artistic precision. The most delicate and rare of essences are harnessed for its blends, which are encased in beautiful flacons worthy of holding only the most precious of compositions.

Scents certainly have the power to elicit emotions and memories. With the Henry Jacques affinity between the fragrance and the flask, application of the perfume becomes a holistic sensory ritual for its wearer. A collection of these numerous olfactory experiences creates a scent wardrobe for an individual, reviving the art of wearing perfume. The quintessence of this ethos is the Masterpieces collection, of which Les Toupies is a consummate expression.
French for “The Spinning Tops”, Les Toupies is a three-part series of his-and-her perfume pairs. These crystal flacons are shaped like the spherical toys and are emblematic of enduring childhood memories, the sparkle of their facets symbolising the simple happiness of youth. Designed by the maison’s art director Christophe Tollemer, they are showcases of complex artistry. Although multi-faceted, the flacons are symmetrical and have a stable axis despite having no central point. Composed of a pattern of handcrafted angles and planes, the facets capture light like a glittering gemstone.
Les Toupies I
The first of the three romantic pairings is the Les Toupies I of Mr H and Mrs Y, two signature scents from the maison’s archives. Embodying a love story, the two are created in concert, with the masculine flacon created larger than the feminine, their curves moving in an endless waltz. Mr H is a concoction of a tobacco-laced blend of cedar wood, geranium, sandalwood and amber, while Mrs Y is assembled with ylang ylang, rose damascena, jasmine, iris and a dash of tonka bean.
Les Toupies II
Les Toupies II is the No 16 and No 81, two avant-garde expressions of modern perfumery housed in architectural flasks defined by strong angles. Both feature lesser-known ingredients, which are infused in intricate layers. No 16 offers the subtle presence of the classic Rose de Mai, the legendary rose unique to Grasse, after a spirited floral opening that includes vetiver, ambrette seed and white musk. No 81 is a bold alchemy of bergamot and punchy grapefruit, unravelling into smoke, wood and the heady spice of dehen el oudh, or oudh oil.
Les Toupies III
The final and newest chapter of Les Toupies is the Fanfan and Galileo, the most curved and rounded flacons of the collection. The Galileo is a patchouli-heavy European scent with Italian mandarin and tobacco, myrrh and amber for decadent intensity. Lavender is echoed in Fanfan, a graceful Parisian perfume kissed by saffron and rose damascena, with Moroccan cedar wood and amber at its heart.
All six scents from the Les Toupies collection are now available at the Henry Jacques boutique at L1-08A Marina Bay Sands Hotel Tower 2.
(All images: Henry Jacques)
This story first appeared in the July 2021 issue of Prestige Singapore. 
The post Henry Jacques tops off its Les Toupies trilogy with six new scents appeared first on Prestige Online – Singapore.


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