On the principle that acting ethically is essential and it’s what makes our planet beautiful, Giuseppe Santoni has transformed the family business into an example of responsible management throughout the supply chain.
Santoni’s headquarters made 90% of recoverable materials that are structured for the recycling and recovery of rainwater. It also operates exclusively with solar energy that’s to over four thousand panels and the whole production is made with the highest quality raw materials treated with natural methods.

For Santoni, acting sustainably and responsibly essentially means remaining faithful to a working ethos in which creativity and dexterity give shape to unique objects. Santoni’s manufacture seeks harmony of lines, colors and materials, for timeless products that will not be thrown away the following season. We are all, as inhabitants of the planet, called to act responsibly.

SANTONI RETHINK is Santoni’s concrete step into sustainability. This project reflects the daily and concrete importance of improving an environment culture.
The highlights of the SS21 collection are leisure models made from chrome-free suede leather, a naturally tanned leather, and composed of a sustainable sole thanks to the use of seaweed. They are coming in some beautiful shades inspired by Santoni territory, like Terra Cruda brown and Adriatico blue. Immersed in the unique landscape of Marche hills, Santoni Rethink collection invites people to enjoy nature and the environment, not only on the occasion of the global Earth Day, but as an everyday attitude. A symbolic secular tree that oversees the hilly landscape embodied this philosophy: a three strongly rooted in the founding values and with the branches projected to the future.

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