Amazónico Honors World Rainforest Day

Latin American restaurant Amazónico, after a successful collaboration in 2020, launches an ongoing international initiative with charity, One Tree Planted across its London and Dubai restaurants on 22nd June, World Rainforest Day. 

Home to iconic species like the Jaguar, Macaw and Poison Dart Frog to name a few, the world’s largest rainforest ecosystem is home to almost 30% of plant and animal species on Earth. The Amazon forests play a critical role in the fight against climate change and, due to logging, unsustainable agriculture, and forest fires, it’s also a high-risk zone for deforestation and degradation. Planting trees in the Amazon Rainforest will help conserve habitat for its iconic wildlife species, providing sustainable livelihoods to local people, and stabilizing the climate.  

Throughout the day on 22nd June, Amazónico has committed to planting one tree for every guest that dines at the restaurant in DIFC. And after that day, a tree will be planted for every Save the Jungle cocktail ordered across the restaurants in London and Dubai. The restaurant’s signature cocktail ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ will be renamed to ‘Save the Jungle’, to raise awareness of the devastating destruction of the Amazon rainforest every day.

Located in DIFC Pavillion, Amazónico is a celebration of Latin American cultural diversity and gastronomic heritage. Dishes are not only inspired by the countries of the Amazon but the unique Asian and Mediterranean communities which inhabit them.

To book and contribute to this initiative, you can contact +97145713999 or send an email at [email protected]

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