Boramy Viguier Spring/Summer 2022 collection

For the Paris Fashion Week occasion, Boramy Viguier presented his Spring/Summer 2022 collection on thursday June 24th at 4.30PM CEST.

This collection sources its inspiration from the realities that have emerged from the current health situation: the relationship to the death of oneself, to the death of a nation, to the death of a civilization. Boramy’s mystical and fantastic universe is this time translated into 28 looks worn by nomads travelling from all around the world, disconnected from the sacred.

These travelers run towards an end, in search of new a world lacking transcendence and beginnings, in search of the ascension. Boramy Viguier rethinks the classic runway shows and uses at his advantage digital tools to reveal what cannot be seen in a physical event: garments with accentuated mouvements from models running in slow motion, bringing a dramatic dimension to the silhouettes. Like in an epic or adventure movie, for this short movie, we are surrounded by multiple references coming from all eras and all countries, which reflects in every look, in every choice of fabric. False scalps used as accessories, rigid tailoring, long tunics, warrior silhouettes, unique pieces crafted from old arments iacauard knits oriental brocades.

1/1 One-of-a-kind

In addition to producing all his collections in France, this season, Boramy puts the emphasis on the development of unique “1/1 One-of-a-kind” pieces crafted from his studio deadstocks, second hand clothes & ties intended to be destroyed. Outside of the ethical aspect of this practice, the main goal was to offer more freedom to the creative process.

Boramy Viguier’s desire was to offer a wider variety of motifs and fabrics, which would have been impossible using traditional sourcing and manufacturing methods. This capsule collection includes patchworked jacquard knits, deadstock fabric sweatshirts, military trousers with hawaian motif shorts yokes and ties repurposed into belts, neckties & tops. . The “1/1 One-of-a-kind” collection will be exclusively available at the launch of the brand’s e-shop website, more information will be revealed at the end of this year.

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